So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 39

(Previous installment here.)  Today, Father Le Jeune introduces Chiefs Chilliheetza and Louis to his hometown in Brittany…


Alta naika wawa kanamokst klaska, pi iaka chako drit tlus klaska
Then I spoke with them, and they 

tomtom. <x> Lakit tintin kopit [SIC], chako trin pi nsaika wiht
became quite friendly.  At four PM the train came and we again 

kuli kopa trin, mokst tintin pi kwata, pi nsaika kro kopa
traveled by rail, two and a quarter hours, until we got to 

San Bryuk, <22000> tilikom. Iawa, iht cikcik iaka wit
Saint-Brieuc, which has 22,000 people.  There, a carriage was waiting 

kopa nsaika, iht liplit chako wawa naika: = Maika na Pir Lshyun?
for us, and a priest came saying to me, “Are you Pere Le Jeune?” 

Nawitka. = Pi wik maika komtaks naika? Naika ankati kopa skul
“Yes.”  “But don’t you recognize me?  I used to be at school 

haws kanamokst maika, naika nim Shirom Trigiī.
with you; my name is Jerome Treguier.”  

     Nsaika klatwa kopa cikcik, pi cikcik lolo nsaika kopa
    We got into the carriage, and the carriage took us to 

iht aias sistir haws, mitlait ilip ayu kopa <400> sistir
a big convent; there are more than 400 sisters 

kopa ukuk haws; pi mitlait iht sistir, <83> iaka sno,
in that house, and there was one sister, 83 years old, 

iaka nim sistir Ildfons Lshyūn, naika papa iaka tilikom. <x>
named sister Ildefonse Le Jeune: my father’s relative.  

Kanawi ukuk sistirs klaska drit tlus tomtom nanich nsaika.
All those nuns were very happy to see us.  

Nsaika rist iawa tlun son. Tlun taim ukuk sistirs chako
We rested there three days.  Three times those sisters 

kanamokst pi naika siisim kopa klaska kata kopa ukuk ilihi, kata
gathered and I told them how it is in this country [BC], how 

nsaika mamuk, kata nsaika styuil: klaska aias tiki kolan ukuk.
we work, how we pray; they loved hearing this.  

Pus nsaika mitlait iawa, nsaika tanas til, pi tanas sik
While we were there, we were fatigued and under the weather, 

kanawi. Pi klaska wawa kopa klaska doktor iaka kwanisim
all [three] of us.  So they called their doctor who always 

mamuk kopa klaska, pi ukuk doktor nanich nsaika, pi patlach
works with them, and that doctor saw us and gave 

midisin kopa nsaika.
medicine to us.  


     <Pleybert Christ.>

     <Sept. 10>, Satirdi wik saia <11> tintin, nsaika
      Sept. 10, Saturday, near 11 o’clock, we 

mash San Bryuk, pi nsaika wiht kuli kopa trin.
left St-Brieuc and we again traveled by rail.  

     Iht tintin pi sitkom kopit sitkom son, nsaika tlap kopa naika
    At one-thirty in the afternoon, we got to my 

ilihi iaka nim Pliibir Krist. Iht naika ant, naika mama iaka
hometown, which is called Pleyber-Christ.  One of my aunts, my mother’s 

sistir iaka chako iskom nsaika kopa stishon, pi lolo naika
sister, came to get us from the station, and took me 

kopa iaka haws. Ilo aias tawn ukuk Pliibir Krist, klunas
to her home.  It’s not a big town, this Pleyber-Christ, there may 

mitlait <1000> tilikom, pi <2000> wiht kanawi kah rawn kopa
be 1,000 people, and 2,000 more all around the town in 

ilihi, mokst mail pi tlun mail saia klaska haws. Mitlait
the countryside, with their houses two and three miles off.  There 

wiht tlun naika ant kopa ukuk ilihi, iht iaka nim Chan
are three more of my aunts in this area, one named Jeanne 

pi iht iaka nim Barba, pi iht iaka nim wiht Shin Kwalirm.
and one named Barba (sp?), and one also called Jeanne Gwilherme (sp?).