Nisbet, “David Douglas: A Naturalist at Work”

Nisbet, Jack.  2012.  David Douglas: A naturalist at work / An illustrated exploration across two centuries in the Pacific Northwest.  Seattle: Sasquatch.

David Douglas A Naturalist At Work

I was given a superb holiday present by my wife: a copy of this book.

I’m already a big fan of Jack Nisbet’s writing–owning several of his books and avidly following his monthly columns in the North Columbia Monthly–and I’ve met and enjoyed talking with the man, but this was even more of a treat than usual.

That’s because this fine history/nature volume recounts Jack’s own latter-day travels around the PNW in David Douglas’s footsteps.  In the course of those explorations, the author came into contact with a lot of interesting people who shared their unique knowledge of our region with him.  It’s good to see some acknowledgment of their expertise.

And wouldn’t you know, there’s also discussion of Chinook Jargon in its role as a mediator between Native and newcomer groups, as well as other topics that (say) old CHINOOK listserv members know and love: mountain beaver, for example.

All in all, a fine read and profusely enough illustrated to make a groovy addition to the coffee table.  I recommend this one.  (Thanks, Annalisa!)