Chinookers will recognize “callipeen” as a Jargon word for “rifle”–or generically for “gun”.  I’m more used to the synonym “maskit” (musket), but both are valid.


Like a lot of languages’ words for this weapon, its origin is ultimately in French: “carbine”.

How do you personally pronounce that word in English?  I wonder if this one got into Chinook Jargon directly from French (“car-bean”) or else from a distinctly English way of saying it (“car-byne”).

What makes this word noteworthy to me today is this: I’ve learned Callipeen is the trade name of a series of rifles manufactured by Jakobs Co. in a popular video game.  (That’s a link to the Borderlands Wiki.)

And the names of individual models in the series are also from Chinook Jargon: the E’enastick and the Kwalal Kwalal.  (I’ll leave those untranslated to invite your preferred translations.)

Online, I’ve also seen mentions of models named DiaubChinook, Tumtum and Muckamuck.